July 25, 2010

view from the top

The new apartment is pretty great! It's small by American standards (but I have a real bedroom now), it's quirky, charming and entertaining because I live on a busy intersection (and have a great view of Parisian driving, which is scary to watch at times). I moved from the red dot below to the red star. It's a little further away from school, but I'm loving the new location and the proximity to other things (like great shopping).

Here's my prime real estate:

With a real
bedroom! (complete with chandelier...this was there before)

The front door...that opens up into my bedroom. Kind of strange but it's growing on me. There's a door to the main room and also another room with the toilet and also washing machine (a lot of French apartments have separate toilets from the bathroom...another thing that just grows on you after awhile)

The main room - great windows and a great view!

The "kitchen"...basically part of the main room. Not much working space but it's not so bad! Surprisingly, I have everything I need. Even an oven!

Bathroom, part II. Shower, sink, other bathroomy things.

An incredible view of the place I got robbed - Sacré-Cœur Basilica

And free entertainment...right outside my window! This is why you should never drive in Paris - what a cluster:

So there you have it...the grand tour - visitors welcome!


  1. I think you should give the apartment rental agency your pictures when you leave. It's looks a lot better with you behind the camera!

    Love the video of traffic. How do we get across that street safely in August!

  2. Where have I been?!? I was three posts behind! Love to be kept up to date on your life with words, pictures and videos. Your apartment looks quaint and homey already. That traffic is INSANE!

  3. WAIT! Is that a fan I see in your bedroom? You must have worked your magic to obtain that sacred item!

  4. Oh my GOD, Paula! What a beautiful place! And so spacious, on Parisian terms! Wow. Gorgeous.

    I enjoyed your little video. WTF, Parisian drivers? Haha!