January 21, 2011

525,600 minutes

How do you measure a year? Actually, I'm a nerd and googled how many minutes are really in a year and it's 525,948.766 minutes, but that just doesn't have the same effect when you're trying to cram it into Seasons of Love from Rent...I see the problem and the need for a modification in order to make the song work. The point is, a year ago today I landed in France ready for my big adventure. Here's how I would measure my year:

in visitors

in vacations

in strange foods

in lunch dates with Marie

in cheese

in bread

in wine

I could also measure my year in new friends, homework, skype dates, metro problems, second-hand smoke, chocolate croissants, cultural misunderstandings, ups, downs, and many more things that make me smile (or, sometimes cringe). I'm looking forward to the next 525,948.766 minutes...and at the moment it doesn't seem like enough. I love it here.


  1. You make everything sound so memorable and wonderful at the same time. To be 26 and living in Paris for the past year..no wonder you love it there ..


  2. How can you NOT love it there? Your year in review looks like it's been a great one (as long as you didn't have to eat those heads in the meat shop. Super gross!)