April 6, 2011

seeing green

Last week I saw the smallest sign that we've made it through another winter...trees that are almost green and blossoms that are ready to open! The first signs of spring never used to excite me, I always thought that was for old people who had nothing better to be excited about. So maybe it's my old age, but but seeing green totally made my week. 

For the past month I've been completely consumed with writing my thesis proposal. It's what keeps me shut in for six hours at a time at Starbucks when it's 70 degrees and sunny outside. But apparently it's not going to write itself, something I discovered at the beginning of last month. It's due April 15th so it will be nice to have it turned in and off of my plate. The latest version I emailed to my advisor for him to review just said "Here it is...I can't look at it anymore!" I'm sure he's sick of looking at it, too. We're both anxiously awaiting the 15th I think.

I did get a break a couple of weekends ago when my friend Peter came to visit.  He is currently living in Spain, but he hit me up on his way back from a trip to Amsterdam and it was just what I needed. A weekend with no schoolwork and lots of hanging out.  One night we went to an uppity bar that our friend, Kate, works at...we spent one drink being fancy and then headed out to do something a little more low key...street food and wandering around the city. We also got some quality cafĂ© time in, as well as a sushi lunch, some more wandering around and some making fun of American tourists when we grabbed wine by the Eiffel Tower.

The visit was short and sweet, but a nice break in the middle of a very busy month. Next up - Jaime and I are heading to Malta on Saturday! Don't know where Malta is? I didn't either until about 2 months ago. Word on the street is that it's a verrrrrry tiny island just south of Italy. It's so small that it's not even deserving of a dot on this map apparently. But you get the idea...sun and ocean. Updates on that trip coming soon - gotta get there first.


  1. Hey, no making fun of American tourists.......you want me to come back don't you? Love the picture of Paris in the spring. Guess you are turning into your mother who loves the spring and all things green.

  2. How awesome to have a friend come and visit and "leave it all behind" for a weekend! Looks like my kind of fun. Thanks for the update!